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Southern Nevada 9 Ball

"Setting The Standard In Tavern Pool Leagues Since 1975"

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Monday Night
9 Ball Couples (Adam & Eve)

Rhonda - 702.353.1932
Jim - 702.218.7539
The Plate
Saturdays @ 6:00 PM
9 Ball Single Foul - Dbl Elim.
$5.00 Entry
Break And Run Contest @ 7:00 PM
Tuesday Night
9 Ball - Advanced  Division
9 Ball - Novice Division
Wednesday Night
 9 Ball - Advanced Division

9 Ball - Novice Division

Thursday Night
9 Ball - Women's Division
9 Ball - Novice Division
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Friday Night
9 Ball - Novice Division

All ADVANCED Divisions are sanctioned BCAPL / ACS
Wednesday NOVICE
Wednesday ADVANCED
Thursday NOVICE
Thursday WOMENS
2018 Summer Season Post Season Results
Monday Night Adam & Eve
State Champions
Rum Runner TROP #1
State Runner Up
Abbie's Army
Tuesday Novice
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State Champions
Seek & Destroy
State Runner Up
5 Sticks & a Chic
Tuesday Advanced
State Champions
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State Runner Up
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Wednesday Night
State Champions
SN9BALL League  Score Sheets
State Runner Up
Sample A&E Score Sheet
Sample 9 Ball Score Sheet
Thursday Novice
State Champions
Weekly A&E Score Sheet
Weekly Adv. Score Sheet
State Runner Up
Weekly Novice Score Sheet
Weekly Womens Score Sheet
Thursday Women
Playoff A&E Score Sheet
Playoff 9 Ball Score Sheet
State Champions
State Runner Up
Womens Playoff Score Sheet
3rd Place
Miscellaneous League  Documents
4th Place
Friday Novice
Team Registration Form
State Champions
Team Roster Sheet
SN9BALL Player Awards
State Runner Up
Front Row #14
Results of the Tournament Series Finals
1st - Oliver Gonzales - $500.00
2nd - Doug Grams - $250.00
3rd - Hector Villarreal - $175.00
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4th - Gary Andrews - $150.00
5th & 6th - Mark Perry / David DeLeon - $70.00
7th & 8th - Bill Thomas / Scott Medrano - $50.00